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About Green Arrow

About Green Arrow

GREEN ARROW company was established in 2020, with its head office in Cairo, Egypt and we’re planning to extend the investment to Europe and the Far East by opening distribution offices in Netherlands, Hungary, Thailand, and Malaysia serve our clients around the world. The company is mainly dealing in manufacturing, exporting various kinds of fresh and frozen fruits & vegetables and herbs from/to Worldwide. The company's network has reached all areas of the world via efficient channels. Also, the company importing various kinds of foodstuff products to the Egyptian market, the company has a comprehensive distribution channel in Egypt and the imported products selected carefully from the finest quality around the world. The Multinational organizations and companies have chosen GREEN ARROW as their main Supplier/distributor in Egypt. 

GREEN ARROW's policy is to strengthen manufacturing capacity and expand our company, distribution channels, product lists. Our human resources gain more experience as we develop our businesses in the Egyptian market. 

GREEN ARROW’s Main Aim with His Partners.

"We care for you because you deserve the best"

20+ Years Of Experience
20+ Clients

Our Mission

GREEN ARROW’s mission is to be the number one in the Egyptian market for exporting the Egyptian fresh & frozen fruits and vegetables and Herbs. It is our objective to lead our company to a new horizon on an international level that goes along with our willingness and strong desire of our management to obtain such a high ranking in the business world. We strive to be the leading trading organization with a big consumer product mix that meets the local tastes and preferences. The company will be able to achieve its mission via leveraging over its business relationships and stakeholders' satisfaction.

Our Vision

GREEN ARROW has very good networking with businesses all over the world that can ease the development of any new partnership or cooperation, especially in Egypt and the Mena Region.